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8/19/2015 1:53:06 AM
My father Noel has been fighting cancer. He is diabetic. Was bitten by something which has caused an infection throughout his body.
The doctors are trying to figure out what caused the bite so he can be treated.

Thank you.
Posted by:WANDA
3/1/2014 3:24:19 PM
Prayer for Wayne Peyton of Nfld. .... 48 years old, dying of cancer.
4/3/2013 11:44:20 AM
A prayer request was requested for a family member, Lana. She has been fighting cancer.

A special thank you to the prayer team and others who prayed. Lana's surgury last week to remove the cancer was successful. The cancer did not spread. Radiation was very effective in shrinking the tumors. Family unity was restored. There was confirmation of Lana accepting Jesus. Lana will get results of her surgery within the next two weeks. Continued prayer for healing and results. Praise to God for answered prayers and all he's done for our family.
3/21/2013 11:22:01 PM
This prayer request is on behalf of Liette Thibault ... she has asked me to have this prayer request put on the prayer chain.
Liette has been having black outs which have caused her physical harm ... her doctor thinks these blackouts may be related to her heart ... he has also found a mass on her lung. She is waiting to have a CT done on her lungs in the next day or so.
She really needs prayer ... physically, spiritually and mentally as this has taken a toll on her in all three of these areas.
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