Whitecourt Family Worship Centre
About Us

Our Vision:

We Exist To Empower You To Make A Difference Through The Love Of Jesus.

We are deeply committed to:

    1.Not compromising biblical integrity

·         We adhere to generally accepted evangelical principles of bible interpretation

    2. Loving people with actions: regardless

·         This includes: lost people, broken people, and everyone else

    3. Jesus as the only way to salvation

4. Salvation through Jesus is for everyone

    5. Humility as a key virtue for everyone

    6. Cultural relevance whenever possible within the boundaries of biblical integrity

    7. Boldness as a foundational biblical attitude toward ministry



Ware a family oriented contemporary church. God has put a real love for our community in our hearts. We strongly embrace the bible as God’s word to us. We are a place where people with a heart to love and be loved, heal and be healed, help and be helped can really belong. We believe in full engagement with all our hearts, heads and hands in our faith.  We have small groups where people connect more deeply with each other, study God’s words together and share life together. We are part of the Pentecostal Assemblies of Canada, and adhere to this statement of essential beliefs. (For more info see www.paoc.org) We have an elected board that works with the pastor to give direction to the congregation. 

Some common questions:

Why all the singing?

Singing and music generally captivates the heart and the words focus our thoughts on God. We have found it to be a powerful tool for drawing us toward God and each other.

Why the raising of hands?

Raising your hand(s) is a universal sign of surrender. We are surrendering to God and His plan for us and the world. 

Why do people from the audience get up and say stuff?

We believe that God gives spiritual gifts to individuals and we all need each other and what God has given each of us in order to become everything that He has intended for us. So we encourage those with messages from God to see the designated facilitator in each service to assist you in bringing that message to the church.

 Why take up an offering?

We all spend our money on the things we feel are important. If God is important to us it is natural to put our money into His projects. This is an integral part of genuine worship.

Why do we pray?

We believe that God hears prayer. We have seen that He interacts with us and responds in wonderful ways. 

 Why the talk?

We have seen that the Bible can teach us a lot of things about ourselves and the world that lead to a changed life. We believe the Bible is God’s love lessons for us and so we study them together.


We exist to empower you to make a difference through the love of Christ.