Whitecourt Family Worship Centre
Van Ministry

Lornes Blanket
Lornes Blanket is a transitional housing facility focused on aiding men in breaking out of hopeless life cycles.
We embrace the message of Matt 25:31-46 as we serve Christ and as we care for others.  Lorne's Blanket is a multi-church venture that we deeply embrace by FWC.  For more information, please see the link to their page on our homepage.  
Prayer Chain
If you would like to send a confidential prayer request to our prayer chain please email it to prayer-chain@whitecourtfwc.com

W.O.W (Women of Worship) Women's Ministries
Women need women.  Through monthly get-togethers with a wide variety of themes, Women's Ministries reaches women from all walks of life.  The nights and the activities are varied.  Putting Jesus at the center of everything brings ladies together with a dynamic that is life-changing.  For more info contact FWC at 780-778-2572 or email wfwcreception@telus.net
We also have several women's groups that meet at different times during the week.  They study various topics in the bible, pray together and support each other in practical ways.  Many wonderful steps forward happen in the lives of women as they meet together in this way.  For more info please contact Klara through the church at 778-2572 or Shelley at dsbidell@telus.net
Men's Ministry
Men have gender specific dynamics to deal with as well.  Meeting together regularly helps men stand together to fight for what is good and right in their lives.  Every so often the men gather for a Saturday breakfast to face issues head on together or to walk the talk by touching the lives of people in the community.  Weekly there is a small group that meets Wednesday evenings at 7:30 at FWC, to talk and study the Bible at a little deeper level.  It's exciting to watch each other grow as arms and hearts are linked together in the journey forward.  For more information call the FWC office at 780-778-2572.

Mixed Groups
Meeting weekly to study the Bible, pray and learn from each others experience, individuals and couples in this group see exciting evidence of God's hand at work in life changing ways.  When Jesus takes centre stage in our lives, nothing but good things happen.  Please call FWC 780-778-2572, or drop by to see what groups are available.
Tennille's Hope
Though this ministry is a community ministry, FWC is very committed to it and see it as an integral part of who we are.  Every Wednesday we serve lunch to anyone in the community with an empty stomach.  Through this practical expression of the love of Jesus we are honoured to embrace those whom Jesus loves so deeply.  You can come and simply share a meal with us or volunteer to help if you like.  For more info please contact Tennille's Hope @ 780-778-8316

We exist to empower you to make a difference through the love of Christ.