Whitecourt Family Worship Centre
Meet our team!
Lead Pastor:
Dallas Bidell   
  Pastor Dallas, his wife Shelley, who is a school teacher, and their three growing children, have served at the Family Worship Centre since 2003. He has a strong community focus and also lives to see others rise to their full potential in God’s kingdom.  Learning is a major passion of his; he is always taking a course of some kind, or reading a book about some area of interest.  Some of his favourite topics are: neurology, leadership and marriage. He is strongly committed to Biblical integrity, and is quite analytical by nature.
Dallas proves his strength of character by cheering for the Canucks in the midst of what is otherwise generally “Oil Country”.  He also has a soft spot (somewhat literally) for red licorice.
Office Administration
Nikki Payne

 Nikki is likely the first person you will meet in the office!  She, and her husband, Chris, have three    beautiful girls, and although they keep her very busy, she still manages to keep the staff organized in the  office!  Nikki is a terrific mom, and a true servant through her administration, worship leading and prayer.  She is a blessing to all who are on staff!
Worship Arts Pastor
 Pastor Michelle, her husband, Steve, and their four kids have lived in Whitecourt for over twenty five  years.  They have three adult children, one grandson and a teenager living at home.   Michelle is always  continuing her studies with Vanguard College.  She has a passion to see people express worship in the  way they were created to worship; through music, art, drama, etc.
 She enjoys riding her motorcycle on a warm summer's day followed by a cold club soda with a hint of  lime to chase away the dust, or even better, a grande coffee from Starbucks!

Parish Care Consultant
Elaine Holland
 Elaine and her husband Ian have been in Whitecourt and serving in the community for a number of  years.  She is a retired nurse who has a heart for those who are hurting and a gift for working with God  and bringing them to a place of healing: physically, emotionally and spiritually.  Elaine meets with  people one-on-one and also in small groups.  She also leads a group at the Spruceview Lodge on  Tuesday afternoons.  She works with great compassion, complete confidentiality and with an emphasis  on prayer.

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