Whitecourt Family Worship Centre

 Parish Care

Elaine Holland is Family Worship Centre's Parish Care Consultant.  

She is a retired nurse who assists people in the congregation and the community at large with Biblical advice on physical, spiritual, emotional and relational issues. 
It is her desire to see people finding freedom in Christ to become the person that He has made them to be and to live the life He has planned for them.
Please note that this is not a medical nursing position.


Everyone is dependent on something or someone, whether they admit it or not.  God desires that we depend on Him. 

There is no shame in accepting that we need partners to walk through life with us and this group is intended to be a safe place to discuss personal issues and take step toward personal freedom.

  Elaine Holland

Elaine is also available to meet one on one.

We exist to empower you to make a difference through the love of Christ.