Whitecourt Family Worship Centre

LORNES BLANKET is a faith based organization that provides ‘transitional housing’; temporary housing with the goal of working with the individual toward becoming self sufficient.  This is based on the concept that a homeless individual’s first and primary need is to obtain stable housing, and that other issues can and should be addressed once housing is obtained.  The facility becomes a temporary HOME in which the individual can learn and engage in life skills; resume writing, job searching, working, budgeting, cooking, finding more permanent lodging, etc.

We are expanding to include and 'in from the cold' seasonal mat program from Nov 1 - March 31 and we need night time volunteers for the door duty desk.  All training provided.  Email michelle@whitecourtfwc.com for more information
More about Lornes Blanket:  

LORNES BLANKET is NOT a short term emergency shelter.  

LORNES BLANKET is NOT a detox or a rehab facility. Individuals must NOT be using drugs or alcohol.  If a treatment program is necessary, it must be attended PRIOR to admittance.
LORNES BLANKET is available to those who are homeless and unemployed, or only working part time or casual jobs, due to their life circumstances or medical conditions. 
LORNES BLANKET is a program that is individually designed to meet the unique needs of each client.  Each client is expected to follow their program as well as house rules.  Managers will help applicants with the application process, perform initial interviews, admit those who best fit the program, and  provide regular followup, motivation and support throughout the individual’s stay at LB. 


You may be wondering, “what do I do when someone inquires about LB?”
  • He can call the manager - 780-778-0952.  He may have to leave a message and return number, but the call will be returned as soon as the manager is available.  Let HIM make the call, not you.  It is a part of being independent.
  • You could give him an application.  Click Here for an application.  He may take this to Tim Hortons, or a friend’s house to be filled out.  If he needs help with it, and you are available, help him.  If not, the manager is always more than happy to work with the applicant at filling it out.

If the manager is not readily available, these numbers may be helpful to the applicant:

RCMP - 778-5454              HOSPITAL - 780-778-2285 

SOCIAL SERVICES (after hours) - 1-800-232-7288

WELLSPRINGS - 780-778-6209     CHILDREN SERVICES - 1-800-638-0715 

If you would like to inquire about how to, or what to donate, please call 780-778-2572 and ask for Pastor Michelle, or email her at michelle@whitecourtfwc.com  

We exist to empower you to make a difference through the love of Christ.